Industrial supply

Upkeep and storage

  • Plastic and metal containers, boxes, baskets, small drawers, platforms and plastic pallets.
  • Technical workshop and workstation furniture.
  • Shelves, cupboards and lockers.
  • Transport carriages and platforms.
  • Storage systems.
  • Aluminium ladders and scaffolding.
  • Storage of dangerous products.
  • Containers of solid and selective waste, industrial and urban bins.

Distributor - Representative of PLASTIPOL.


Distributor of  

Waste container

Technical workshops

Plastipol product range

Interior Transportation

  • Industrial wheels and casters.
  • Guides for chains and accessories.

Brands: "ALEX", "AFO", "GAYNER", etc.

GAYNER wheels

  • Rollers: Light, medium, heavy and special series for upkeep. Accessories.
  • Pulley: plastic, metal and stainless steel.
  • Motorized and gravity roller conveyors.


Medium load rollers

Light load rollers

Path Motorized rollers

Industrial Doors

High-speed, manual and automated:

  • High-speed, retractable and roll-up: Vectorflex, Practic-Roll, Super-Roll, Self-repairing.
  • Automated sectional.
  • Flexible: swing and slat blinds.

Distributor - Representative of LAGENFOR.

Roll-up door

Swing door

Sectional door

Slat blinds

High-Speed Roll-Up Doors. Solutions for each application:

High performance high-speed doors (+ 2000 cycles/day, wind resistance up to 120 km/hour) for indoors, outdoors and for process applications:

  • Roll-up flexible curtain doors.
  • Rigid roller blind doors.
  • Doors for protection of production processes and machinery.
  • Doors for special applications (Clean rooms, food processing).
Flexible roll-up curtain door

Flexible roll-up curtain door

Flexible roll-up curtain door

Flexible roll-up curtain door

Special applications door

Special applications door

Protection door of production processes/machinery.

Protection door of production processes/machinery.

Industrial Equipment

  • Loading Docks: Shelters, ramps and channelling.
  • Lifting platforms: Manual and hydraulic.
  • Cranes and Hoists.
  • Equipment for transport.

Distributor - Representative of LAGENFOR.

Dock shelter coverfix

Mobile ramp

Lagenfor loading dock


  • Guides, curves and tensioners in polyethylene.

Distributor of CITSA.

Dentex coupling

Spidex coupling

Uneflex coupling

Die-casting elements

  • Smooth and flanged bearings, washers, ball joints, plates, slats, strips, brackets, guide prisms, dice and special shapes in aluminium bronze with graphite inserts.
  • Guiding: Bushings - Plates - Columns.
  • Punching: Punches - Dies - Ejectors.
  • Springs and polyurethane pieces.
  • Steel springs: Springs “SPECIAL SPRINGS”.
  • Nitrogen cylinders "SPECIAL SPRINGS".
  • Carriages - Fixing elements - Elevation - Transport.

Punching pieces

Die-casting pieces

guiding elements

Pínulas de control

Test gauges for railway rolling stock wheels

  • Sagitta meter for wheel diameter.
  • Gauge to measure the Tab and QR profile.
  • Distance gauge between internal faces for mounted shafts.
  • Visitor template.
  • Pinulas (control tools).


Pínulas de control

Sagitta meter

Distance gauge between internal faces

Visitor template


Pneumatic elements for automatisms.

ORIGA "Number one"  

Pneumatic cylinders without shank and electric linear drives.

  • Pneumatic cylinders for clean rooms: Specially adapted for applications in Clean Rooms.

  • Pneumatic cylinders for high speeds: Developed specifically for high speed applications above 10 m /s.

  • Cylinders for door operation: Pneumatic and electrical systems for the operation of commercial and industrial doors and applications for the transport sector.

  • Bi-Parting Actuators: The only electric actuator element fitted with a Bi-Parting drive system based on a single axis.


Air rails for the distribution of compressed air and elements for ergonomic and efficient assembly processes.  

Cylinders without shank


Besta installation

Tangential filtration processes

Tangential filtration processes and maintenance of this type of facility.

Innovation in the effluent treatment and recycling field.

Experience in membrane separation process techniques.

Design - manufacture and sale of ceramic and organic membranes in a wide range of brands (Pleiade, MP4, Kleansep and Persep) and geometries (flat, spiral, tubular and multichannel).


  • Specific studies to optimize the processes.
  • Supply and assembly of goods and services in the catalogue.




ceramic membranes

PLEIADE ultrafilter

Other Supplies

  • Hammers and mallets with replaceable heads in nylon, rubber and copper "DUCH" and "ROES".
  • "PURFLEX" monobloc polyurethane hammer-mallet.
  • Slings and lashing systems.
  • Antivibration mounts.
  • Screws and threaded rod in stainless and brass.
  • Grids and normal and galvanized bar gratings.
  • Tramex and rungs on PP+PRFV.




Hammers with replaceable heads

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