• Continuous casting: fine, pore-free structure. Minimum dimensional tolerances.
  • Centrifugal casting: compact and homogeneous structure.
  • Forging and mechanization: high mechanical characteristics. Pieces to customer specifications.
  • Special aluminium bronzes with high hardness and performance.
  • Standard and special alloys.

Hollow and solid bars, profiles, rings, and bushings, crowns and castings.

Bronze bars


Bronze pieces


  • Copper.
  • Alloyed copper:
    • Copper chrome.
    • Zirconium copper.
    • Zirconium chrome copper.
    • Cobalt copper.
    • Beryllium copper cobalt.
    • Special coppers.

Bars, plates, tubes, plates, laminated and forged sheet.





  • Standardized brasses.
  • Special brasses.

Bars, plates, flat bars and tubes.

Hexagonal bars

Bars and tubes

Self-lubricating bushings

  • SELFOIL sintered bronze self-lubricating bearings.
  • SELFOIL sintered iron self-lubricating bearings.
  • Silencers and sintered filters.

SELFOIL bars for machining

SELFOIL bearing with bronze and iron wall

SELFOIL bronze and iron bearing

  • “LF” self-lubricating, bi-metal bearings and washers.
  • Special bushes and friction plates made of bronze + graphite "BG".

Distributor of AMES.

Bushings and friction plates

Bearings with "BG" and "BGV" inserts

"LF" bearings

Aluminium and duralumin

Alloys according to EN AW standard:

  • All qualities: 1050 - 2011 - 2017 - 2030 - 5083 - 5754 - 6082 - 7075, etc.
  • Rectified plate.
  • Special aluminiums.

Bars, rods, tubes, flat bars, angles, profiles and plates.
Cut-to-length pieces.

aluminum bars different formats


Stainless steel

  • In the different qualities and alloys.
  • Industrial and food accessory.

Bars, perforated bars, rods, tubes, flat bars, plates, strips and bands. Screws. Meshes, metal fabrics and perforated plates, grids and bar grating.
Cut-to-length pieces.

Non-slip stainless steel sheet

Inox Accessory

2D cold rolled sheet

Molten iron

  •  Continuous casting.
    • Laminar Pearlitic: GG-25 and GG-30.
    • Spheroidal Nodular: GGG-40, GGG-50 and GGG-60

Round, perforated, square and rectangular bars. Plates, profiles. Cut-to-length pieces.

Distributor of UCB CAST-PROFIL.


Square and rectangular bars

Round bars

Perforated bars

Iron Profiles

  • Structural profiles.
  • Hot rolled.
  • Cold rolled..

Plates, angles, flat bars, meshes, bars and rods, tubes (round, square and rectangular).

Chrome bar

  • Precision chrome bars and tubes.
  • Qualities: F114 - F125 - STAINLESS STEEL



chromated bars and tubes

Other metals

  • Lead.
  • Zinc.
  • Tin, etc.

Ingots, plates, bars and rolls.


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